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About our site


MCCoins was created in order to fill the need of various client’s need for bulk custom designed, military affiliated, religious, and many other types of medallions. 

Our love for art and the essence of commemorating memories for others is simply the icing of our business.  We enjoy working with clients from all backgrounds to make a custom medallion exactly perfect for their event, group, or ceremony etc.

We always take pride in the quality we produce and have been since we opened our doors in 1998.  Regardless if we are producing a medallion for a fundraiser, a military group, or a wedding party we will put 110% consideration and exceptional quality into each medallion we produce.


The History of the Challenge Coin

A Challenge Coin is a small or large token or medallion mirroring a coin.  No one actually knows how far back Challenge Coins date to. There are stories as far back as an enlisted soldier receiving a coin in Ancient Rome for an achievement in battle.

Another story speaks of a wealthy soldier purchasing Challenge Coins for his squadron in World War I. The bronze medallion was struck with his flying squadron’s insignia.  Shortly after his men received these medallion’s, one of them was captured by the German’s.

The German’s stripped the man of all his personal belongings besides the small pouch around his neck containing his medallion.  The soldier managed to make an escape at some point and found his way to France.  Directly before the French attempted to execute him, because they did not believe he was who he said, the soldier presented his medallion with insignia on it.  The French then postponed his execution and soon confirmed his identity.

Modern day Challenge Coins are used for a variety of purposes from achievements, law enforcements groups, campaigns, to military drinking games and many more. 

If you or someone you know are trying to think of fund raising ideas, have an anniversary or event coming up, or your division needs a new medallion please see our Quote Page or Design Your Own Personalized Coin.


   If you have any questions you may email shop@medallioncollectorcoins.com.